Best Healthy Cooking Oils in India

Indians are always on the lookout for the best oil for Indian cooking. It is also one of the major discussion points on several health forums. Globally, Indian cooking is different from other cuisines because it requires a lot of oil for deep frying, where the temperatures go beyond 175 degrees Celsius. In India, we need the best oil for heart health because from breakfast to dinner, every Indian meal has some amount of oil, and the dependency on oil is here to stay.

Most Indians today look forward to using only the best oil for heart health because they are health conscious. From poha, Vada, upma, Puri, fish meat preparations, pav bhaji samosa, and any dish, there will be some oil. It is the only reason you have to consider using the best oil for Indian cooking, as you cannot compromise your health for any reason.

Is your best oil for Indian cooking healthy?

It is surprising even to see that Indians today are running behind all the refined products from refined flour, refined sugar, and refined salt, and everything they use is refined. Refined oil is entirely new because people were used to using groundnut oil or sesame oil earlier or even use mustard oil, but then came the open economy time when western influence became a significant part of Indians. It told people to embrace refined oil, which is refined sunflower oil or refined mustard oil.

Even newspapers and magazines told people that desi oil is harmful, leading to high cholesterol levels in people, and is the primary reason for diseases. After reading all these, people were inclined to look for the best oil for heart health.

A narrative emerged that those refined oils became a household name for Indian kitchens overnight. Slowly and unsteadily, the Kachhi Ghani mustard oil was just taken off the shelves in the Indian kitchens and replaced with refined oil. But refined oil today is not the best oil for Indian cooking because the production of refined oil is not correct.

Most refined oils are produced in bulk through a process where the oil is cleaned with different chemicals and at a very high temperature, also known as the heated method. The heat oxidized the oil and created free radicals, which is not the best for heart health. Refined oils have trans-fat that do more harm than good. You will be wondering if mustard oil is good for your health.

Then you need to know that mustard oil is the best oil for cooking and, of course, for health, because it is made with the proper process and no chemicals have been used that harm the body.

Before buying the best oil for Indian cooking, you should always check the smoking point. The smoking point is the temperature where the oil will break down all the harmful chemicals. The more heat is applied, the more the oil reaches the best smoking point.

Mustard oil is the best oil for Indian cooking

Whether looking out for the best oil for Indian cooking or just the best oil for heart health, nothing beats mustard oil. The Kachhi Ghani mustard oil is ideally unrefined and is manufactured through the process, which is cold processed. It does not include any harmful chemical oil processing that makes all the difference. If you think that is mustard oil good for health, then you must know that this oil is perfect for frying and cooking all the Indian curries. The climatic conditions are entirely favourable for the usage of this oil.

The best answer to your question about that is mustard oil good for health is that this oil is a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids and is considered the best cooking oil for heart health. The best part about choosing mustard oil as your best oil for Indian cooking is that it is cost-effective, so you do not have to break the bank to include it in your daily regime.

Coconut oil

coconut oil is also the best oil for Indian cooking as it provides health benefits because of its great fatty acids. This oil also helps regulate weight, so if you are looking forward to losing weight, this is the best oil for Indian cooking.


When choosing the best oil for heart health, you should always look for non-refined typical oil. The oil can be mustard oil also, and you can get the best mustard oil by choosing Sonali oil. If you wonder if mustard oil is excellent for cooking, then Sonali mustard oil has got your back.

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