It was a journey to take Ghar Ka Khana from great to extraordinary, because you cannot wait in being good only! This organic mustard oil is extracted using the process of cold pressing of mustard seeds that are from the plants developed without the utilization of pesticides, insecticides or other different harmful chemicals. Starting as a kachi ghani mustard oil brand, we began investigating the kinds of the north Indian kitchen. As we joined their home chefs in their cooking adventures our automated packaging and purest ingredients guaranteed for your health in each & every drop! From the wonderful taste of fish to the debilitating taste of curries – there are many such dishes in our country in which mustard oil enhances the taste of the dish. Along these lines, we thought of our own scope of highest quality kachi ghani mustard oil! Sonali mustard oil isn’t just about delicious food. It’s the perfect balance of health and taste!


Our vision is to provide a healthy cooking habit and an active lifestyle. This is a daily existence where you should answer with a 'yes' to every opportunity, whether it's an off the cuff shopping trip with your companions or a run in the park or keeping the children occupied with playing around on a Sunday or propping everything up on a boisterous workday. With a healthy cooking habit you are sure to meet the daily activities planned.


Our mission is to bring the goodness of nature directly to the consumer's plate. We have to keep in mind that the product is natural and not synthetic. It's entirely fine to process and pack the product to preserve its natural goodness. It is thoroughly taken care that the source isn't significantly altered in order to be seen as artificial or chemical. Get the goodness of nature with every bite your savor.

Introducing Sonali mustard oil with Aroma lock a unique technology that seals and preserves the rich taste and fragrance of the real mustard oil & taking you to the most elevated level of taste and experience pure mustard oil flavor.

Since its beginning, Sonali mustard oil has been distinguished as a healthier and tastier option in contrast to ordinary cooking mediums. It is uncommonly set up to suit health conscious consumers who have confidence in setting up their dinning using the best ingredients. Sonali mustard oil range takes into account observing consumers with a guarantee that healthy food need not bargain with taste.

The brand delivers healthy lifestyle by presenting to you the right nutrition that props you up. Whether it’s through sourcing the right ingredients that assured proper processing and packaging. Sonali mustard oil presents to you the best Natural Edible Oil for a most active life.

Purity in every drop
Minimum processing and world class quality control methods to ensure that it retains natural nutrients, taste and flavor. Sonali mustard oil has an immense operational structure with online selling platform, and presence across different e-commerce platforms, many distributors and stockrooms, and manufacturing plants. Sonali mustard oil is continuous working to move towards empowering self-driven operations, reducing personnel reliance and automating operational capacities. Coordinating the advanced arrangement with the inheritance foundation and traditional workspaces was challenging for the organization as it had hitherto worked as a traditional business, depending on manual processes and consistent human intercession.

Raw material selection & Pre Cleaning

There are three methods in vogue to complete oil extraction. Each of them is based on a different principle. The three methods are (I) emulsion method (ii) pressure method and (iii) solvent extraction method. Regardless of the strategy utilized, certain pre- Oilseeds Processing Technology medicines of crude seeds are basic, if most noteworthy conceivable recuperation of quality oil at an economical rate is to be acquired; following pre-treatments improve oil yields and their quality.

Ordinarily, the oil seeds are blended in with an assortment of unfamiliar materials viz, sand, stones, stalks, weed seeds, foliage, etc. during harvesting, handling and transportation. It is ideal to clean seed prior to placing it into store. Stone, iron and wood pieces mixed with seeds can disturb mechanical gear during processing. Unfamiliar issues may bring down protein substance and increment fiber substance of supper buildup after extraction of the oil.

Additionally, unfamiliar issues blended in with oilseeds might be having high dampness content which may initiate overheating in storage. The nearby problem areas in the oil seed damage the quality and establish a fire peril if not appropriately distinguished and amended by air circulation or revolution. Likewise, cleaning before storage of oils not needed further cleaning for processing and spares double treatment of seeds. So, proper cleaning of oilseeds can increment in squashing limit of oil expelling units, decrease in-plant support and improve the nature of oil.

Extraction & Refinery

The extraction of oil from oil seeds, either by mechanical articulation or by methods for solvents, is encouraged by decrease of the seed in little particles by pounding or rolling. Albeit an enormous extent of oil bearing cells are disturbed, many oil cells stay flawless even after the most cautious size decrease and the dividers of these phones are made porous to the oil simply by the activity of warmth and dampness in the ensuing cooking activity.


Thoroughly tested before delivering to you! Mustard oil testing according to FSSAI and other test for nutritional claim incorporates fat, energy, carbohydrate, protein, fatty acid profile and so forth Mustard oil, low erucic acid means the oil got from clean and sound, low erucic acid oil bearing seeds of rapeseed having a place with compestris, juncea, or napus assortments of Brassica by the strategy for articulation or solvent extraction and it will be clear, free from rancidity, suspended or other unfamiliar issue, isolated water, added color or enhancing substances or mineral oil and will contain close to 2 % erucic acid.


The refined oils are packed in glass, or plastic containers for marketing. The Mustard Oil Packaging Bottles are made of the highest grade material and sophisticated technology in compliance with the set standards of the industry. Also, our mustard oil packaging products are tested by our highly qualified, talented and experienced quality professionals as per various quality standards. Get the purest mustard oil in standard packaging.

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