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In this realm of a recklessly changing world, survival in business must never be taken for granted. Our vision of the future must be lucid to allow anticipation of and response to new opportunities. Our passion for authentic mustard oil has driven us forward. Sonali mustard oil helps out in your venture to stay active and cook food the healthy way.


RESPONSIBILITY: He is the Director of the Company and oversees and takes all major decisions related to sales and promotion of the Company
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To operate a manufacturing unit of its extent, Sonali mustard oil has exceptionally effective and skilled workforce and accepts that their human asset is the way in to their prosperity. To increase the abilities of its workers, Sonali mustard oil have given them the freedom to explore different avenues regarding the manufacturing process coming about in high quality products.

Superior quality mustard seeds are chose for the process of manufacturing to produce the best quality edible oil. These seeds are then crushed in expellers to get crude oil, which is legitimately sold as mustard oil to suit the flavor of the regular buyers.