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Sonali Oil

Shuddhata Ki Asli Pehchan

Indian kitchens have some unique ingredients that you cannot easily find anywhere else. Our ancestors have been using them for centuries and passing down from one generation to another.

Your Favourite Kachi Ghani Oil, In 7 Convenient Sizes

15ltr Jar

15 Ltr Jar

15ltr Tin

15 Ltr Tin

5ltr Jar

5 Ltr Jar

2ltr Jar

2 Ltr Jar

1ltr Bottle

1 Ltr Bottle

1ltr Pouch

1 Ltr Pouch

500ml Bottle

500 Ml Bottle

500ml pouch

500 Ml Pouch

Swad Ke Sath Sehat Bhi

Keep Your Family Strong With Expert

It is believed to have extraordinary properties, and hence is utilized as a solution for treating cold, boost immunity, energize hair growth, give sustenance to skin, particularly if the babies are massaged with mustard oil during winters and made to sunbathe for Vitamin D and furthermore to strengthen the bones, oral health and more. Cooking oils structure an indispensable part of Indian way of life. Nonetheless, one is stood up to with a variety of very well marketed eatable oils stating host of health claims. In Indian cooking conditions, which generally include deep frying, our well established oils like ghee, coconut oil and mustard oil score in a way that is better than other oils overall by health benefits… Read More

Encourages Heart Health

Immunity Boosting Antioxidants

Good Source Of MUFA PUFA

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